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Spirit Healing Through Words, Music & Love

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“I see music as a path to healing,” says Lauren Monroe, who has been performing and composing music since the age of six, when her grandfather from Italy taught her to play guitar. Raised in Queens and the mountains of upstate New York, her roots are in country, bluegrass and folk music. Later she traveled the world in a search for spiritual knowledge, studying deeply in various cultures and traditions, in the process becoming a cross- cultural healer. These experiences allowed her to infuse her music with the power to transform the body, mind, and spirit.  A vocalists, songwriter, and musician, Lauren Monroe creates a direct and personal experience of oneness and compassion for audiences and students alike. “The message is love,” says Lauren, as she grounds her spiritual activism in music that gives people a sense of uplifting and connection, salted with the sawdust-on-the-floor honesty that defines the soulful Americana vibe of her work.

Single by Lauren Monroe. Produced by Rick Allen and Preston Pope, this groove worthy track features soulful vocals by Monroe and Moon Calhoun with Honky Tonk piano by Bruce Hornsby Keyboardist "JT" John Thomas. Reminiscent of a 70's marriage of Billy Preston, Janis Joplin and Little Feat, this song delivers funky guitar lines by Preston Pope and Mark Hayes and a rhythm section second to none with David Chamberlain on bass, Def Leppard's Rick Allen on drums and Forrest Robinson on percussion.

A Little Faith
“A Little Faith” is single by singer/songwriter Lauren Monroe. Produced by Rick Allen, this track includes Bruce Hornsby Keyboardist "JT" John Thomas lending ethereal melodies behind the soulful and intimate vocals of Monroe that lulls the listener into a stream of hope and reflection. Also creating the beautiful and evocative sounds on this track are musical vibe masters, Preston Pope and Mark Hayes on guitars, David Chamberlain on bass and Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen on percussion. As Lauren puts it “my highest wish is that anyone who listens can have a direct experience of healing, that their heart may be lighter and open.”

The Freedom Sessions
“The Freedom Sessions” is a collection of Americana acoustic rock performances that reaches into the genres of blues, country, and pop with honesty and raw vulnerability to deliver a message of hope. The 10 original songs take you on a journey of transformation and healing with New York City-born vocalist, songwriter, musician and teacher Lauren Monroe. With “The Freedom Sessions,” Lauren Monroe stepped into her true nature as an artist, a healer and a storyteller.

Oneness Chant
“Oneness Chant” features sacred chanting and rhythms for healing and peace. Lauren Monroe sings Sanskrit healing mantras, and Rick Allen plays drums and percussion. This deep, powerful, beautiful music will guide you into deep states of peace and connectivity. The "Oneness Chant" is incredible—a masterpiece of sacred and healing sounds. Sonically, it is beautiful and enchanting. Vibrationally, it is encoded with wonderful energies of Light & Love through Sound that transport the listener to realms of tranquility and bliss!" — Jonathan Goldman, author of “The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing”


Inspired to share spirituality, messages and experiences, Lauren’s writing emerged from writing songs as a young girl. Over the years she opened up to poetry, energy healing methods, blogs and books. The core of her writing comes from her desire to bring spiritual perception into the everyday realms of seeing and understanding. To open the doors of perception through guiding readers to embody another point of view, one of kindness and connectivity of all beings so that they may have a direct experience of healing.

21 Ways to Resiliency
There are times in life when we can feel completely disconnected, lost, or out control. 21 Ways to Resiliency is an introductory guide, a map of the paths you may take while climbing up into the steep unknown. We all know that life challenges us with a journey of climbing mountain after mountain, some small, others apparently insurmountable. How we ascend and arrive at the pinnacle shapes who we are, how we grow, and ultimately how we become a resilient and happy person. You may wish to read this book from cover to cover or to open it randomly to a page for guidance or inspiration with a particular issue in mind. You will find insights which can support you to become stronger, more aware, and empowered.

Resiliency Blog
Read Lauren’s blogs to reflect on the many ways you can find unique perspectives and paths to resiliency. A place for guidance and education, the writings are posted for you to open your mind to new ways of thinking and practicing self-care to grow and strengthen in heart, mind and soul. Recent topics include learning how to listen, teaching peace to children, healing and creativity, and the art of acceptance.


There has never been a time when healing was more important or needed on a personal, community, or planetary level. Lauren’s healing philosophy is based on caring for the whole person – body, mind, spirit, and emotions – to cultivate optimal health and well-being during times of adversity. At the center of her philosophy is the understanding that divine love and support is the most powerful healer and each one of us are responsible to direct our intention for our own health and soul growth through dark and challenging times. The voice of the spirit is ever present and available. When we can live in awareness within body, emotion and mind our spiritual voice can emerge to the forefront and be integral part of creating joy and healing in our lives.

Project Resiliency
Project Resiliency is an initiative to inspire growth and transformative healing in veterans, individuals and families who are facing difficult life circumstances. Through wisdom sharing, experiential learning and community partnership building, we support others in finding balance and conscious well-being to continue growth and healing. Project Resiliency is co-founded by Lauren Monroe and Rick Allen.

Healing Sessions
Lauren Monroe is a clear and compassionate guide who integrates natural intuitive abilities with her experience and knowledge of healing the heart, mind and body. She can assist in healing trauma and clearing old patterns that prevent you from living as fully, deeply, and authentically as you can. As part of her path of service, Lauren Monroe offers empathic, energy-based personal healing sessions via telephone. Sign up for the newsletter to learn about upcoming session openings.

About Lauren

Lauren Monroe Allen MA, LMT has been a practitioner and teacher healing since 1992. Her healing arts background includes specialized work with incarcerated teens, hospice care, and cancer recovery and U.S. wounded warriors and their families. She has studied and apprenticed with Christian Benedictine Monks, Tribal Healers of Brazil, Mexico, North America, and New Zealand and is an initiated minister of Deeksha Healing. She is the creator of the Advanced Energy Medicine Certification Program at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy 1999-2002, the co-founder of the Raven Drum Foundation and creator of Project Resiliency where she teaches and facilitates holistic self-care workshops and empowerment drum circles. A vocalist, writer, songwriter, and musician, Lauren Monroe creates a direct and personal experience of spiritual oneness and healing for audiences and students alike. Her work is an authentic expression of art and medicine that is created for healing and personal growth.


Lauren has brought her teaching and healing facilitation to many organizations and events, including:

  • Annual Workshops with the Raven Drum Foundation - USA
  • Annual Community Meetings with Raven Drum Foundation - USA
  • Wounded Warrior Project:
    • Womens Odyssey - Santa Barbara, CA
    • Womens Warrior Retreat - Lancaster, CA
    • Couples Odyssey - Malibu,CA
    • Odyssey Retreat - Park City, UT
  • Pt. Mugu U.S. Navy Military Base - Oxnard, CA
  • Veteran Affairs Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center - Los Angeles, CA
  • Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center, Vet Center Women's Group - Los Angeles, CA
  • Audie L. Murphy Veterans Hospital - San Antonio, TX
  • An Integrated Approach to Trauma Intervention Conference
  • Presented by the Scherer Institute of Natural Healing - Santa Fe, NM
  • Rhythm is Cure Workshop with Allessandra Belloni - Tuscany, Italy
  • Earth Day Festival - Thousand Oaks, CA
  • Chumash Interpretive Center - Thousand Oaks CA
  • Fogo Es Fuerza: Children's Wellness Program - Monterrey, Mexico
  • Fogo es Fuerza Children's Wellness Program - Saltillo, Mexico
  • Mercy Corp: Community Empowerment - New Orleans, LA
  • Big Heart Ranch Equine Therapy Program - Malibu, CA
  • Camp Kilpatrick Boys Detention Center, Probation Department - Los Angeles, CA
  • The Simonton Cancer Center - Santa Barbara, CA
  • Weston Park Hospital/Cancer Care -Sheffield, England
  • Ventura County Juvenile Facilities Detention Center - Oxnard, CA
  • Children's Lifesaving Foundation- Los Angeles, CA
  • LA's Best Enrichment Program, Unified School District - Los Angeles, CA
  • Painted Turtle: Summer Camp for children living with life threatening illness - Lake Hughes, CA
  • Rowdy Ridge Gang Camp and the Scott Newman Center, Program for families recovering from drug addiction and survivors of spousal abuse - Torrance, CA
  • Project Resiliency
    • Warrior Resiliency Retreats Malibu,CA
    • Warrior Resiliency Reunions Malibu CA
    • Warrior Spousal Care Series Malibu CA
    • Warrior Family Support Gatherings
    • Washing DC, Boston, NY, Los Angeles
    • Los Angeles Veteran Affairs Los Angeles, CA
  • Haven House, Pasadena CA
  • Safe house recovery and healing for Women and Children of Domestic Violence
  • P.A.W. Performance Arts Workshop - San Francisco, CA
  • Additional Experience:
    • Dance and Movement Educator K-12
    • North Carolina Public School District
    • Project Angel Heart - Denver, CO
    • Massage Therapist working with Native Americans living with HIV
    • Denver Indian Health and Family Services - Denver, CO
    • Massage Therapist
    • Boulder Community Hospital - Boulder, CO
    • Massage Therapy Supervisor, and Teacher, Oncology, Cardiac Care, Orthopedic Units
    • Boulder College of Massage Therapy - Boulder, CO
    • Faculty, Teacher of Body Mechanics and Movement, and Energy Medicine